I just checked my stats today and people…ten views in one day! I’m actually pretty excited about that. But, then again, I just got back from the slowest day at work ever. Just about anything would be exciting. BUT STILL! TEN VIEWS! BETTER THAN THREE! Keep checking out my site, people, and let others know it exists. The more views per day I get, the more willing I will be to post each day. I am still trying to decide which niche I want this website to follow. I might consider starting to write some movie or game reviews, but I don’t know. We’ll see.

I am, however, thinking of starting another web-comic. (One that I hope will pay -_- ) I hope to be able to start that at the end of my last semester, in the hopes that it will lead to something fruitful. Maybe a page-a-day graphic novel?


If I think I’m funny enough, maybe a funny web-comic. Am I funny? I read Listful Thinking’s blog on being funny. It suggests I use sites like eHow and wikiHow to become funny. I think I’m funny.

Me, being funnier than you.

Above: Incontrovertible evidence.

So maybe my blog is at a stage that it too early for me to expect people to answer a question, but I will ask one anyways. Which one should I choose? Funny web-comic or serious web-comic? What will it be?


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