So I woke up and looked out the window, and all I saw  was white. There is a two-foot blanket of snow. Everywhere. Thank God I have a Jeep with four wheel drive, or I would be stuck at home. I’ve been sitting inside and shoveling outside throughout the course of the day. If you haven’t, check out my last post, as I spent about three hours on that. Honest to God, it is a true story. I mean, he may as well have been walking and simply tripped. But then, who am I to judge?

This morning my mother texted me about the dog food I purchased before going to work last night. I realized in terror that the dog food was still in my Jeep, so I told her so. A half hour later, she told me that she didn’t see it. Which means in Mom Language,

“Well, you are just simply going to have to trudge out there and get it.”

Hahaha, funny, Mom. I went out there in my sweat pants and tee shirt, and when I opened the back hatch and peered inside, I was attacked by a drift of snow on top of my Jeep just waiting for the door to be opened. Lovely. And on the way back up the front porch, I fell on my ass holding a pretty heavy bag of dry dog kibble. And the whole time I’m telling myself, karma’s not supposed to do this… That’s when I was handed the snow-shovel, which I suspected would have happened, but later on, when I was better dressed.

And here I am, procrastinating the script-writing process I promised myself I was going to do today. This blog is addicting when I have everything else to do. Hum.

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