The Dawn Treader

sI’m not usually the one to go see Narnia films. Prince Caspian was mediocre at best. You don’t get a feel for the characters. The plot rushes you through character building. Its as if the movies exist based on the assumption that you’ve read the books. I haven’t read the books. I have had The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe read to me when I was little. I tried reading the other books, but they didn’t retain my interest. Not so much the genre, but the author didn’t create characters you could really care about. Getting rid of two of the characters by the third book doesn’t help. You try to get to know the characters in the movies though, and by the end of the The Dawn Treader, you are left with the realization that now, if there is to be a fourth movie, it is going to star this kid.

I am trying my hardest not to make little girls scream and run away.

He looks like a real charmer. In fact, during the whole first half of the movie, he annoyed the crap out of me, but then, high-pitched, whiny British accents always do. They just sound nagging. Though, I enjoyed when he got his ass handed to him by a talking mouse.

I have more comic book script to work on tomorrow, on top of actual work at the local movie theater that I hate. Perhaps something interesting will happen to distract me at work, but I doubt it. It’s a Tuesday, and a school night, with the promise of yet another snow storm this week. The newest movies out are Season of the Witch, a Nicolas Cage disaster, and Country Strong, which I am inclined to believe is Crazyheart, but without Jeff Bridges.

If any of you are going to the movies this weekend (or this week) consider going to see True Grit, as the performances by Jeff Bridges and the young girl are Oscar-worthy. I haven’t seen the original or read the book, so I can’t compare Jeff Bridges to John Wayne, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Coen brother’s creation. Stay away from Gulliver’s Travels though. Jack Black just makes an ass of himself for an hour and a half. See The Fighter, if you haven’t. Tron was great for a 3-D film and it also stars Jeff Bridges.

I think that’s it for tonight, though.*yawn*. I’m going to bed, I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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