Let’s get the ball rolling. . .

Another failed attempt at waking up earlier than 12:00PM. I checked my phone and definitely set an alarm for 10:00AM. My phone was on the volume setting, so I’m guessing I subconsciously ignored it this morning. And now, I have four measly hours before going to work and sitting there for another five and a half. That’s not so bad because at least I get some money, but it’s Tuesday, during a school week. No one will come to the theater. It will be a boring shift. The boss doesn’t let employees read or anything while on a slow shift either. If we have nothing to do, we just have to stand there and wait till its time to go on break. I guess that’s the only reason I would complain about a slow shift, because, otherwise, its a hell of a lot better than dealing with a lot of ornery customers.

Ugh. Well, I should stop writing now and get on with writing my comic script.

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