My Most Recent Post

This is the most recent post from my other blog at Blogger. I’ll quote myself here. (So I don’t get into copyright issues.)

Writing a Comic Script is Hard

Or at least slow going. It is most certainly not like writing a narrative. I have the narrative. I’d like to think I’m good at writing. Which is why I’m writing this blog. I gave myself a week to write the scripts while looking at the narrative. Thinking I’m in the clear, I start in on it. Then I realize it takes about ten minutes to write a comic script page. As I realize the level of abstraction involved in translating pure narrative into comic script format, I again realize that maybe leaving myself one week to write the whole script start to finish was a bad idea. I mean, this isn’t anything but my senior project, right?

I'm retarded.

I’m not finding it all too hard, however. Like I said, the process is slow going. I don’t know how writers can bang out scripts left and right like this. I mean, they must be on crack.

His writing feels sooo good.

Eh. Well. I’m gonna read more of The Way of Kings now. Maybe that will spark some more work effort and then I will write more comic script.
Until next time,
Quoted from my last post here.
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